Rob Raffety


I instruct two graduate-level courses and one undergraduate course for George Mason University (GMU). In the fall of 2012, the GMU Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence informed me of my nomination for a Teaching Excellence Award. In the spring of 2015, the MPA Student Organization nominated me for the MPA Faculty of the Year Award. I enjoy the challenge of conveying complex information to my students, and helping advance their knowledge of these particular subjects:

Schar School of Policy and Government
PUAD 540 - Public Policy Process
Processes of making public policy, including detection of public issues, consideration of alternatives, and adoption and implementation of solutions. Highlights major actors in the policy process and the environments within which they work. *If you're battling insomnia, check out some of my recorded lectures.

Antonin Scalia Law School
LAW 624 - State Attorneys General Seminar
Overview of the history, powers, and duties of state Attorneys General across the country. Highlights a number of contemporary issues regarding state Attorneys General legal authorities, including antitrust, consumer protection, criminal law, and environmental protection, as well as state‐federal enforcement relationships. Features distinguished guest lecturers, including current and former state Attorneys General from across the political spectrum.

ECON 470 - The Economics of Regulation
Examines various issues surrounding concepts of regulation using tools from microeconomic theory and public choice. Topics include antitrust, rate regulation, policy rationales for regulation, and issues of current interest. Taught as part of The Fund for American Studies' Summer Institute on Business and Government Affairs.

Citizenship Test
In addition to teaching at GMU, I’m an occasional volunteer instructor for Arlington County Community Outreach. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of legal immigrants prepare for the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Naturalization Test.